Sony's XH95 full array LED TVs now on sale in the UK

Mike Wheatley

Sony has confirmed U.K. pricing and availability for its XH95 full array LED TVs.


The XH95 is the flagship model for Sony’s 4K HDR TV lineup in 2020, and prices start £1,199 for the smallest, 49-inch version.

There are plenty of bigger models to choose from however, with the 55-inch version going on sale at £1,599, and the 65-inch model starting at £1,999. For those looking for something even bigger, Sony also offers a 75-inch version at £3,199, and a massive 85-inch model that will put buyers out of pocket to the tune of £3,999.

It’s fair to say the XH95 range isn’t exactly cheap then, but the TVs do feature the very best of Sony’s technology, sporting its newest X1 Ultimate processor and support for both Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos surround sound. They also come with Sony’s own Sound-from-Picture Reality audio, which helps to create the impression that the sound is emanating directly from the screen. And they look good aesthetically too, with discreet feet at the edges of the screen designed to keep viewer’s eyes focused firmly on the action.

The TVs include a nice new feature we first saw at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Sony’s Ambient Optimisation technology helps to optimise both image and sound quality in any environment. For example the picture brightness will be adjusted automatically according to the ambient light level, increasing in bright, sunny rooms and decreasing in darkened rooms. It can also detect any objects in the room such as furniture and curtains that might absorb or deflect sound. The acoustics are then fine-tuned to ensure the audio quality isn’t compromised.

Other features include Netflix Calibrated Mode and IMAX Enhanced certification.

The TVs run Android and have Chromecast built-in, and are also compatible with Amazon Alexa smart speakers, Apple’s AirPlay 2 wireless protocol and Apple HomeKit, which is a smart home hub that can be used to control the TV.

The launch of the XH95 series follows that of its cheaper siblings – the XH81, XH80 and XH70. Those models compromise on features for the sake of affordability, notably using Sony’s older X1 processor.

We’re still waiting for pricing and availability for Sony’s other flagship TVs this year, including its Z8H 8K LCD TV and its A8 OLED TV.