CalMAN to Release Low Cost TV Calibration Software for Home Users

Mike Wheatley

Anyone who’s brave enough to attempt calibrating their own TV may want to take a look at the new CalMAN Home software from Portrait Displays. The software is designed to make it easier for consumers to “calibrate their TVs for their specific environment and viewing preferences,” the company said.


Portrait Displays is planning to release several versions of the software for different TV manufacturers, and promises to “strip away the complexity” of conducting a colour calibration.

CalMAN software has always been extremely expensive, with offerings ranging from $2995 (£2,294) for the Ultimate edition, to a low of $399 (£305) for the Home Enthusiast package. But Portrait Displays said a new, lower priced CalMAN Home edition will soon be released.

CalMAN Senior Product Manager Jason Ramirez said the new offering would provide “just what is needed” for a colour calibration.

“We are now able to offer consumers calibration solutions that are lower in cost, specific to their needs, and provide the ability to create fantastic calibration results at a professional level,” added Portrait Displays President and Chief Executive Officer Eric Brumm in a statement.

The CalMAN Home software seems like a perfect match for some of LG and Panasonic’s latest TVs. The companies recently unveiled several new televisions at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that come with a built-in pattern generator that’s used to generate video patterns necessary for the calibration process. As such, consumers will no longer need to buy an external pattern generator to calibrate the display.

“These technological advancements by LG and Panasonic paired with CalMAN Home offer an extremely low-cost solution for colour calibration,” the company said.

Consumers would still need to buy or rent a colourimeter to measure their display, however.

Portrait Displays said CalMAN Home would be available “soon”, but didn’t give an exact release date or provide any pricing details.