TP Vision adds DTS Play-Fi support to Philips' latest Android TVs

Mike Wheatley

TP Vision says that Philips’ 2020 Android TVs will come with support for DTS Play-Fi for wireless TV and multi-room audio built in at launch. In addition, it will bring DTS Play-Fi to its 2019 Android TVs via a firmware update, and it will launch several new soundbars and other wireless speakers that support the format later in the year.


DTS Play-Fi is a high resolution, wireless audio ecosystem that enables users to stream content between different compatible devices throughout the home. Users can link their home audio products together to play content coming from the TV, keeping all of it in sync with what’s displayed on screen.

The format supports a huge number of brands, including the likes of Quad, Arcam, McIntosh, Klipsch, Anthem, Paradigm, Sonus faber and Wharfdale. Because it’s a wireless system, no cables are required.

Philips Android TVs, including the newly launched Philips OLED 800 series that’s set to go on sale in the U.K. in July, will all feature DTS Play-Fi support at launch. Meanwhile the company said it will add support to its 2019 Android TVs via a firmware update that’s scheduled to arrive in the second half of this year. All that’s needed to complete the setup is a Wi-Fi connections.

TP Vision said in a press release the introduction of DTS Play-Fi support is “the first step towards building a complete wireless connectivity platform”. The company will follow up with a range of new soundbars and wireless speakers that come with support for the format at IFA 2020 in September, it said.

DTS Play-Fi supports up to 5.1 channel surround sound, and is compatible with more than 300 products from 29 brands worldwide. They include various AV receivers, soundbars, televisions and speakers.

“Besides streaming TV audio to other Play-Fi products, users can also take advantage of the DTS Play-Fi Headphones App to enjoy a private listening experience," DTS said in a press release.

Philips isn’t the only TV brand that’s trying to push the idea of wireless audio in television. For example, both LG Electronics and Bang & Olufsen have teamed up with WiSA to make their TVs compatible with WiSA-ready speakers, while various TV brands have partnered with Apple to output audio to compatible speakers via that company's AirPlay 2 protocol.