TCL announces flagship 98-inch QD Mini-LED TV with great specs

Mike Wheatley

TCL is doubling down on its big-screen strategy, announcing yet another 98-inch TV called the TCL X955, which becomes its newest flagship model for Europe with premium-level specifications.


The TCL X955 is available in 85-inch and 98-inch sizes, and is said to be the first quantum dot Mini-LED TV featuring 5,000 local dimming zones and 5,000 nits peak brightness.

The company hasn’t said how much the X955 will cost, but we imagine it will be competitively priced vis a vie the 98-inch competition. This includes Samsung Electronics’ new 8K model, the Samsung Q80C, which will cost around $30,000 in South Korea, as well as Sony’s X90L, which is a 98-inch 4K model set to retail for around £9,000. It’s likely TCL will undercut both of those figures.

Of course, the TCL X955 is not an 8K model as the Chinese brand has moved away from them for the time being. Instead, it’a a 4K model that’s focused on delivering a premium picture. TCL says its breakthrough in Mini-LED technology results from its six-crystal chip that delivers a 27.5% boost in brightness, a 33% improvement in focusing angles and a 210% increase in light control precision versus its previous flagship Mini-LED TVs.

TCL’s claim of achieving 5,000 nits pea brightness is very impressive, but it didn’t mention any numbers on black-level performance. This is key for HDR content, so it remains to be seen how it will stand up in that respect.

Nonetheless, the rest of the specs look impressive too. Its quantum dot panel covers 98% of the DCI-P3 colour gamit and has the ability to generate over a billion colours in total. It has a lifetime of more than 100,000 hours of use, TCL added. It also boasts a wealth of high-end features that are now standard with premium TVs, such as a 144Hz panel, variable refresh rates, multi-HDR formats, HDMI 2.1 ports, and Google TV. It’s powered by TCL’s homemade AiPQ 3.0 chip, and comes with a beefy 160-watt Onkyo sound system that offers 4.2.2. Channel audio with left- and right-facing speakers, two sub outputs, two sky sound channels and support for Dolby Atmos surround sound.

Besides the TCL X955, the company also debuted two other models that are also max out with mega-size 98-inch options. These include a quantum-dot Mini-LED model called the TCL C955 and a regular Mini-LED TV called the TCL C805.

According to TCL, the C955 is offered in four sizes – 65-, 75-, 85- and 98-inches – and comes with up to 2,000 local dimming zones and 2,000 nits peak brightness. It also has many high-end features, as seen on the X955.

As for the C805, this will be available in 50, 55, 65, 75 and 98-inch models, offering up to 500 Mini-LED local dimming zones and 1,300 nits brightness.

Those models will be more affordable 98-inch mega TVs, and can be viewed as direct competitors to Samsung’s lineup of Neo QLED LCD TVs, many of which use panel technology from TCL’s subsidiary CSOT.

TCL is therefore set to offer the most extensive lineup of 98-inch TVs of any brand, in line with its goal of becoming the go-to supplier for affordable super-sized screens. Its offerings will likely cater to multiple different budgets, ranging from bargain basement to mid-range to premium, in both Europe and the U.S., capitalizing on its status as the world’s only supplier of 98-inch LCD panels.

The TCL X955, C955 and C805 will launch throughout Europe soon, and we may well learn more about exact availability and pricing at IFA 2023 in Berlin next month.

Here's a closer look at the TCL X955 Mini-LED TV: