Samsung to build CJ ENM virtual production studio featuring The Wall

Mike Wheatley

Samsung Electronics has said it’s helping the Asian media group CJ ENM to build what it calls a “virtual production studio” that will incorporate its state-of-the-art MicroLED display, The Wall.


CJ ENM is a South Korean entertainment and media group that’s best known for producing the 2019 Oscar-winning movie “Parasite”.

The virtual production studio will open in Paju, South Korea, later this year and be used to head CJ ENM’s future video content production, the companies said.

Samsung Visual Diplay Business President John-hee Han said the new studio will feature the company’s cutting-edge display technologies, providing CJ ENM with the most optimal environment for its next-generation content production.

Han, of course, was talking about Samsung’s revolutionary The Wall MicroLED display, which features a unique modular design. Through this, CJ ENM’s creators will be able to set up the display in a number of configurations to meet their production requirements. For example, the display could be installed in a convex or concave design. Other options include a ceiling installation and even an L-shape.

MicroLED is Samsung’s most advanced display technology. It’s made up of millions of microscopic LEDs that can emit their own light, similar to OLED. The lack of a backlight means MicroLED is much more power efficient than traditional displays. For creators, its advantages include its ability to deliver true blacks, its precise colours and a superior contrast ratio. It’s also said to be brighter than OLED and more durable than other types of displays.

Samsung unveiled the latest 2021 version of The Wall earlier this month. It’s a stunning display that measures over 1,000 inches with support for 16K resolution content in some configurations. It also incorporates a new Frame Rate Sync technology to mitigate screen disruption and enable more lifelike accuracy, Samsung said at the time. It also supports dedicated frame rates for studio production including 23.976, 29.97, and 59.94Hz.

CJ ENM Chief Executive Ho-sung Kang said that partnering with Samsung on its virtual production studio would enable his firm to push forward with the creation of “a new powerhouse of next-generation content.”

The company has already announced plans to invest $4.4 billion in creating entertainment content over the next five years.

Samsung said CJ ENM’s main display at the new virtual production studio will be seven metres tall with a diameter of 20 metres. The plan is to install it in an oval shape that will provide the illusion of an infinite backdrop for content producers. It will be used together with connected cameras and LED displays to produce virtual settings in real-time, helping to reduce image compositing and mitigate on-location production costs and time, the companies said.