Philips TVs Land EISA Awards For Picture & Sound Quality

Mike Wheatley

Dutch television maker Philips is in celebratory mood after two of its premium TVs landed awards from the Expert Imaging and Sound Association for the third year in a row.


The EISA Awards are dished out annually in recognition of what the association says are the best consumer electronics products in terms of sound and imaging capabilities. Landing such an award is no mean feat, as each product is carefully scrutinised by 55 “expert magazines” from 29 different countries, before being put up for a vote.

But Philips seems to have a knack for it, as its 55-inch OLED 804 and 650LED+984 televisions both scooped up awards as a result of some nifty technological advancements.

Judges said the Philips 55OLED804 TV landed the Best Buy OLED Award thanks in part to the third-generation of its P5 picture processing technology, which is said to deliver a 25% improvement in processing features and a 25% increase in processing power for an overall 50% performance gain over its previous generation chip.

The Philips 55OLED804 is also notable for its support of both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, as well as Dolby Atmos object sound for more immersive audio experiences

“Philips brings OLED image expertise and design flair to an affordable price point with the 55OLED804,” the EISA judges said. “At its heart beats a new iteration of the brand’s P5 engine, now a dual chip design. Delivering improvements to shadow detail and colour handling – this 55” model is a superb performer.

Meanwhile, the Philips 65OLED+984 model picked up this year’s Home Theatre TV of the Year Award thanks to its built-in soundbar that was designed by the audio firm Bowers & Wilkins.


“With its 65” screen and show-stopping audio, Philips’ top-of-the-range OLED TV delivers an irresistible cinematic experience,” the judges said. “Key to its impact is the Bowers & Wilkins designed sound system, which utilises the brand’s bespoke tweeter-on-top technology in conjunction with a left/centre/right driver array to produce dynamic, full-range sonics expanded by Dolby Atmos processing.”

The Philips 55OLED804 is set to go on sale in the U.K. later this month, while the Philips 65OLED+984 is expected to hit the shops in September.

Philips’ TVs have attracted quite a bit of recognition this year. In March, the company’s premium OLED+934 picked up two awards from Red Dot and IF Design Awards in recognition of its outstanding design. The Philips OLED 854 TV and Philips 9104 LCD TV also won awards at the same event.