MSI to debut world's first 240Hz QD-OLED gaming monitor

Mike Wheatley

Just days after LG Electronics unveiled the industry’s first 240Hz OLED gaming monitor, a rival company called MSI has revealed that it’s too launch an alternative 49-inch “super ultra-wide” QD-OLED display with the exact same refresh rate.


At the time LG launched its UltraGear 27GR95QE monitor, the company explained that it was shifting to 240Hz to try and supplant the capabilities of older LCD-based monitors. The high refresh rate comes with an extremely fast response time, and of course, all of the qualities OLED is known for, including its deep blacks, superior contrast and true HDR capabilities.

In this way, gaming monitors are not only catching up, but also exceeding some of the very best new TVs in their capabilities, and with its announcement today MSI is pushing the needle even further.

The Taiwanese firm said its upcoming MSI 491C will be one of the first 240Hz QD-OLED monitors in the world. The company hasn’t revealed its aspect ratio, but the “super ultra-wide” description suggests it will likely be 32:9.

"The world's FIRST super ultra-wide curved gaming monitor, with a 240Hz QD-OLED panel, is out there to ensure you enjoy a viewing experience far better than anything you've had before,” MSI said in a statement. “Get ready for CES2023 for the debut of our Project 491C.”

MSI’s brand might not carry the same weight as the likes of LG and Samsung, but it is a fairly heavy hitter in the gaming world, known for producing some of the industry’s most capable monitors. It was also the third brand in the world to launch a QD-OLED display earlier this year, with the launch of its 34-inch curved MEG 34C in May coming just after the arrival of similar monitors from Samsung and Dell Alienware.

QD-OLED is a new kind of display technology developed by Samsung Display that’s said to combine the best aspects of QLED and traditional OLED, so you get more brightness, more accurate colours and higher contrast ratios than either of the older technologies can produce.

MSI hasn’t said anything else about the specs of its upcoming 491C display, but the QD-OLED panel will be sourced from Samsung Display. The Korean firm has already confirmed its plans to start making 49-inch display panels from next year, and has said it will be made especially for monitors rather than TVs.

Given that the panel comes from Samsung Display, it’s likely that Samsung Electronics will also launch a 49-inch QD-OLED monitor of some description next year. Very probably, other manufacturers will follow suit.

Recent reports from South Korea suggest that Samsung Display may also launch smaller, 27-inch QD-OLED panels next year in order to compete with LG's newest OLED monitors.