MSI set to debut its first 360Hz QD-OLED monitors in 2024

Mike Wheatley

MSI has announced that it will be one of the first companies in the world to launch 27-inch and 32-inch QD-OLED monitors based on Samsung Display’s panel technology early next year.


MSI’s plans do not come as a surprise, as the company’s roadmap was earlier leaked, revealing that it was hoping to launch one of the world’s first 27-inch QD-OLED displays with a 360Hz refresh rate.

The company has now confirmed it will launch four QD-OLED monitors in new sizes, including the 32-inch MSI MPG-321URX QD-OLED monitor, which offers 4K UHD resolution and a 240Hz refresh rate, with a 0.03ms gray-to-gray value. The company also announced the 32-inch MSI MAG-321UPX with the same specifications. So far, it’s not clear what the differences between the two will be.

In addition, the company has announced a 27-inch MSI MPG-271QRX QD-OLED monitor with WQHD 2K resolution, a 360Hz refresh rate at 0.03ms GTG. The 27-inch MSI MAG-271QPX QD-OLED monitor boasts the same specifications. Both of those models will be curved, ultrawide displays.

"For flat panel models that gamers have been eagerly anticipating, we've prepared a variety of models, ranging from 27-inch WQHD to 32-inch WUHD models that have refresh rates of up to 360Hz,” the company said. “Our new QD-OLED flat displays significantly enhance the visuals performance for AAA games, especially those of the FPS genre.”

The announcement is exciting, especially regarding the 360Hz monitors, as they represent the next step up for gaming displays after 240Hz. QD-OLED is perhaps the most impressive display technology of our times. The technology is developed by Samsung Display and made its debut last year, and is said by many to be superior to LG Display’s traditional White OLED tech.

Because QD-OLED displays have an extremely rapid response time, a monitor with a 360Hz refresh rate should exceed the performance of a 500Hz LCD panel, it has been claimed. In addition, the displays promise to deliver deep blacks, a wide colour gamut and superb HDR image quality.

Last month, Dell Alienware became the world’s first monitor brand to announce new 27-inch and 32-inch QD-OLED monitors, but like with MSI, they’re not expected to go on sale until next year.

MSI’s new models will debut next year alongside the previously announced 34-inch curved MAG 341CQP QD-OLED display, as well as the 49-inch MPG 491CQP QD-OLED display, both of which will offer a 144Hz refresh rate.

We can expect each of MSI’s new monitors to come equipped with HDMI 2.1 ports with 48 Gbps bandwidth and support for variable refresh rates and auto low-latency mode. They will also have a dedicated console mode that optimises the graphics performance for PlayStation and Xbox games.

Lastly, MSI said its new products will come with MSI OLED Care 2.0, which is a fan-less design feature that helps to extend the lifespan of the QD-OLED panel. They’ll also sport features such as MSI Gaming Intelligence, 90-watt Type-C PD connectivity and more.

We can expect to learn more about MSI’s new displays at CES 2023 in Las Vegas in January.