Hisense has announced a free 100-day test drive for its best TV models

Mike Wheatley

Hisense is bidding for more brand recognition with the launch of a new promotion in the U.S. that lets buyers try out one of its high-end and very expensive laser TVs for up to 100 days, entirely free of charge. After the 100-day period is up, if you decide you don’t want it then you can send it back and get a full refund.


What’s most interesting about the offer is it covers Hisense’s full portfolio of TVs, including its 100-inch and 120-inch L9G Laser TV models that cost $5,500 and $6,000 respectively, as well as its 75-inch 8K U800GR LCD TV that’s priced at $2,699, plus the Hisense U6G, U7G and U8G LCD TVs.

Of course there’s one big caveat to Hisense’s offer – you need to hand over the readies first. Buyers will have to pay the full price upfront and also register the TV they buy on the company’s promotional website within 14 days of purchase. In addition, the offer is only available for a fairly limited time frame, from September 9 to October 31.

Assuming you’re prepared to hand over the cash and you later decide you do indeed want to return the TV for a full refund, you’ll have to go back to the same promotional website to submit a return request. As part of that process, Hisense requires that customers not only send the original proof of purchase receipt, but also take several photos to show it’s still in good condition and hasn’t been trashed.

According to the terms and conditions, returned items must be: “Undamaged and not permanently marked (subject to reasonable wear and tear to be expected from one-hundred (100) days use of the Qualifying Product for its intended purpose and where such wear and tear does not materially affect the resale value).”

The good news is Hisense is at least willing to send a new box over to return the TV in, so users won’t have to keep the original somewhere safe for over three months.

Once it’s packed and ready, Hisense will confirm the return claim and send a prepaid shipping label over. Then, users have another 21 days to send the TV back to Hisense. Then, once the TV has been safely returned, and not before, Hisense will process the refund.

Hisense said it will either refurbish or recycle the TVs that are sent back, so we can assume the company is hopeful that not too many people will want to go through all of that hassle.