Hisense announces cashback promotion on select 2021 TVs

Mike Wheatley

Hisense is trying to boost TV sales over the next month, leveraging its status as an official partner of the UEFA Euro 2020 football championship to offer a tempting cashback deal on a number of its premium models while the tournament progresses.


Hisense said that with the Euro 2020 football going on, there’s no better time for football fans to think about upgrading their older telly. And for those who do decide to upgrade, Hisense is doing everything it can to convince them to buy one of its new models.

The company has just announced a cashback offer for up to £500 off of qualifying Hisense TVs bought between June 9 and July 27. Those who buy a TV during that period will be able to claim their cashback reward any time between August 25 and September 23, it said.

The exact size of the cashback refund depends on which Hisense TV is purchased, and the good news is that quite a few of Hisense’s 2021 models qualify for the offer. They include the company’s entry-level A7GQ QLED TV that provides the minimum £100 cashback, as well as the flagship model in Hisense’s QLED range, the U8GQ, which entitles buyers to £400 cashback if they grab the biggest, 65-inch model.

If you’re after something more advanced, the Hisense A9G OLED TV surely won’t disappoint with its pure blacks, superior contrast ratios and pixel-level dimming controls. Hisense is offering £400 in cashback for the 65-inch OLED, and £300 for the 55-inch version.

The offer extends to Hisense’s iconic Laser TV projectors too, with the company giving buyer the maximum £500 in cashback if they snap up one of its L5F Laser Cinema models. The L5F went on sale in Marc, and uses a single blue light laser source combined with a phosphor-based colour filter to achieve a maximum brightness of 2,700 lumens. It’s available in three options at different price points that can throw up an image of 88-inches, 100-inches and 120-inches, respectively.

The cashback will be provided in the form of a Hisense Virtual Pre-Paid Mastercard. Buyers will need to wait until 28 days after purchase before submitting their claim, then they will receive the card within 28 days once that claim has been validated, Hisense said.

Hisense UK Head of Marketing Arun Bhatoye said customers will also benefit from a two-year warranty period when they submit their claim and register their product online. “We pride ourselves on delivering cutting edge TV technologies at fantastic prices, and this limited-time offer is the perfect opportunity for shoppers to get even more out of their purchase,” Bhatoye said.

Buyers can visit this link to claim their cashback offer, and see a list of all qualifying Hisense TV models here.