Google Stadia To Land On Android TV In 2020

Mike Wheatley

Google is reportedly planning some major updates to its Android TV platform. They include an integration with its upcoming video game streaming service Stadia, a new “hero device”, more advertisements and greater efforts to reduce fragmentation of the Android TV ecosystem.


Google’s plans were disclosed in a private session at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam this week, but leaked to XDA Developers via an anonymous source.

The leak comprised a few slides from Google’s presentation at the event, outlining its roadmap for Android TV in 2020, 2021 and beyond. It included planned new features for Android 10 (Q), Android 11 (R) and Android 12 (S).

The most exciting new feature involves Google Stadia, which is a video game streaming platform that’s set to be launched before the end of this year. The platform will become accessible via Android TV in 2020 with the release of Android 11, the slide shows.

Also in 2020, Google will launch a new “hero device” with “next gen smart home” features and support for Google Lens and Live Captions. Android 11 will also come with support for Google Assistant in devices such as set-top boxes, the company’s plans show.

Elsewhere, the Google Play store will get a refresh, there will be a new homescreen, and the company will also introduce “in-stream ads” together with expanded “monetization options” which, we assume, means viewers can expect more ads to pop up somewhere at some point.

Google’s plans for Android TV in 2021 are less clear, though they do say the platform will be updated to Android 12 at some point. The company will also make efforts to reduce fragmentation in hardware and software with the aim being an “improved performance” for users, it said.

In a separate report from FierceVideo, it was revealed that Google is also demonstrating a reference design for an Android TV dongle that supports 4K streaming. Android TV is generally either built into TVs themselves or otherwise accessed via a set-top box, so the option to use a simple dongle is a new one that could help to make the platform more popular.