C SEED's stunning foldable MicroLED TV is as futuristic as they come

Mike Wheatley

Luxury TV maker C SEED has just come out with one of the most audacious televisions ever made, and it’s not just some glitzy concept either, as the company said it will go on sale soon.


The C SEED N1 is an incredible work of art that transforms itself from a metallic rectangular block into a stunning, huge TV with super advanced display technology. Available in 103-inch, 1037-inch and 165-inche sizes, that rectangular ‘block’ is pretty imposing to start with, and becomes all the more so once you hit that power on button.

This uniquely delightful TV is based on MicroLED technology, which many believe will become the next big thing in display tech after OLED and QD-OLED. MicroLED is similar to OLED in that its pixels are self-emissive, generating their own light, ensuring high contrast and extremely precise colours. Where it differs though is that MicroLED is also very bright, ensuring it can produce stunningly realistic pictures on screen.

In addition, MicroLED has another unique characteristic. It’s modular, meaning that it’s possible to build large displays from smaller, individual panels that work in concert with one another. Moreover, they fit together so perfectly that there's no visible joins - it just appears as one solid, massive display. C SEED has developed its own proprietary technology called “Adaptive Gap Calibration” to ensure there are no seams visible once the display clicks into place.

The company said the N1 is a 4K TV with support for HDR, with automatic rotation features that allow it to rotate a full 180 degrees horizontally, another unique capability for a TV. As one would expect from such a luxury TV, it has extremely powerful audio too, with two 100-watt speakers built in.


The body is incredibly sleek too. C SEED said the N1 is made out of aerospace-grade aluminium to ensure strength and stability as well as a pristine, luxury finish. Whenever the TV is switched off and it folds back into its base, you’re left with a pristine metallic sculpture that’s almost as impressive as the TV itself. “A stunning piece of kinetic art,” is how the company describes it.

As you have probably already guessed by now, the C SEED N1 is not going to be on too many people’s shopping lists. It starts at a cool €180,000 (approximately £153,000) for the smallest 103-inch model, a price tag that fully befits C SEED’s status as a luxury electronics provider. At present, it’s not clear where the C SEED N1 is going on sale - though it won’t really matter to anyone who can afford it, as they’ll have no problem paying a few thousand more to get it shipped over to them.

Besides looking absolutely fabulous, the C SEED N1 is a nice reminder of the possibilities of MicroLED technology, besides its obvious potential in terms of picture quality. The modular design of MicroLED will surely open up a lot of possibilities for TV makers to get creative, just as LG Display does with its OLED tech.

As to when MicroLED will become more affordable, Samsung Display is believed to be leading the way with its consumer-focused MicroLED TVs, though it’s still likely to be several years before the tech goes mainstream.

Check out the C SEED N1 in action here: