Women Less Interested Than Men In HDTV, Blu-ray & 3D: Mintel

Jonathan Sutton

While almost every company involved in the HDTV industry is making a push towards 3D TV, a recent report has revealed that women in the United Kingdom do not display as much interest as men in enhanced viewing technologies like HDTV, Blu-ray and 3D TV. Also, UK’s women remain unconvinced by the benefits of high definition, primarily because of a relative paucity of HD content geared towards this segment of the audience.

Mintel, a UK-based media research firm, compiled and released a report titled “TV and Film: Enhanced Viewing Formats In The UK” in July 2010. Among the valuable nuggets of information contained within this report is the finding that women are generally not as enthusiastic as men when it comes to HDTVs, and are more likely to disagree that high-def image quality are worth the extra amount of money.

The report went on the elaborate that women are almost half less likely as men to be aware of Blu-ray technology, and to approve of paying more for Blu-ray’s better picture quality. According to the report, women are also less interested in 3D TV sets than men, even though nearly an equal number of women as men has experienced 3D and IMAX movies in theatres, and almost as many women as men don’t mind paying higher prices for tickets to watch a 3D film.

The Mintel authors gave a possible explanation for the indifferent attitude among women towards high-definition display technologies. They postulated that women are less likely to be interested in sport programmes which have been been used as a vehicle to drive HDTV adoption, and suggested that TV makers and broadcasters should consider developing other contents in HD that would appeal to the “extremely influential” female audience, such as cooking programmes, fashion and even shopping channels in glorious high definition.