Ultimea's portable Nova C40 projector offers decent brightness and simple set up at a low cost

Mike Wheatley
Ultimea's portable Nova C40 projector offers decent brightness and simple set up at a low cost

Budget projector brand Ultimea has announced a new and compact model known as the Nova C40, and it’s one of a new breed of highly portable and versatile projectors that comes with an integrated gimbal stand that allows it to project images basically anywhere.

The Ultimea Nova C40 is said to be a smart projector featuring intelligent functions and encapsulated optics at an affordable price point, and it’s even suitable for outdoor use, the company claims.

Ultimea, which is known for its affordable portable projector lineup, is following a trend that has seen a growing number of device makers integrate gimbal-style stands to enable greater versatility, such as JMGO’s N1 Ultra DLP projector. However, Ultimea aims to disrupt the market with its budget-friendlier offering.

The Nova C40’s Integrated Gimbal Design supports 360° horizontal panning and 135° vertical tilt, which means it’s flexible enough to project onto almost any surface, even the ceiling if you’d prefer to watch movies in bed.


It’s also designed for outdoor use, encased in a fully-sealed unit that aims to prevent the image quality being eroded through the build up of dust on the lens, for example. It sports an LED light source, and it is capable of hitting a reasonable 600 lumens brightness. That’s brighter than many other portable projectors on the market these days, though it will probably still require the curtains to be drawn during daytime viewing conditions. The company said it can project images of between 80-inches and 120-inches at a native resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 and with a projection ratio of 1.25:1. It’s said to reproduce up to 95% of the NTSC colour space.

For easy set up, there are auto keystone correction and automatic focus features, while the contrast ratio of 1,000:1 should ensure that it’s capable of handling rich-contrast scenes.


In terms of connectivity, it has a single HDMI 2.0 port and supports WiFi and Bluetooth 5.3. Android TV 11 comes pre-installed, providing access to apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. There are two built-in speakers capable of outputting 5-watts sound, and users have the option to hook up external speakers via a headphone jack or Bluetooth. There’s a voice-enabled remote, too.

All this, and it comes at an incredibly cheap price of just $499.99 on Amazon, currently discounted for a short time to just $299.99.