UK Sales Of 3D TVs Hit 5 Figures At Dixons Retail

Jonathan Sutton

Love it or hate it, it cannot be denied that 3D TV is making inroads in the United Kingdom despite the oft-mentioned inhibiting factors of high cost-to-switch, paucity of 3D content and compulsory 3D eyewear. Persistent marketing by TV manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Sony, and 3D content providers like Sky – either in TV commercials or nationwide roadshows – has certainly raised the awareness of 3D TV among the UK public. The key question is whether this will translate into cold, hard sales. A few poll surveys have offered a somewhat downbeat outlook to date, but sales figures from one of Britain’s biggest consumer electronics retailer may suggest otherwise.

Dixons Retail plc (formerly known as DSG International) announced this week that it has broken the 5-figure landmark for the number of 3D TVs sold in the United Kingdom since the retail group started stocking extra-dimensional displays in April earlier this year. The company sells 3D TV sets through its Currys and PC World stores, and its online website.

An obviously delighted Jeremy Fennell (international buying director at Dixons Retail) was keen to point out that the landmark was achieved with only a limited range of 3D TVs stocked by the company. In preparation for Christmas, Dixons Retail plans to expand the range of 3D TVs available at its retail outlets and ecommerce platform to fulfill the anticipated high demand for 3D TV displays.

Mr Fennell attributed his company’s impressive 3D TV sales in part to the surge of 3D movies in the cinemas, which delivered a viewing experience so compelling and positive that viewers wished to reproduce it at home by acquiring the appropriate hardware. He also revealed that many 3D TV buyers are willing to spend a little bit more to future-proof for 3D even though there is a still relative dearth of 3D content. The recently launched Sky 3D channel probably offers the most variety of 3D content on the market at present, but is only available to Sky customers who are subscribed to the top-tier Sky World HD package which costs £61 per month.