370-Inch Titan Zeus Is World’s Biggest 4K TV Priced at £1M

Mike Wheatley

TV manufacturers are always trying to outdo each other, building ever-larger television displays in a bid to get one over their rivals. Well, beat this mother of all TVs.

Introducing the appropriately-named Titan Zeus, a TV so massive that one struggles to find the right words to describe it. Whopping just doesn’t cut it. Gargantuan perhaps? Or how about this – imagine a house, and then imagine a telly so big you can’t even fit the damn thing inside it – that’s about the most fitting description we can think of for this unearthly beast of a display.

The Titan Zeus has the largest dimension we’ve ever seen on a TV, measuring a ridiculous 370 inches diagonally, which makes it around three-to-four times the size of the largest televisions that the likes of Samsung and LG have ever dared to build.

Truly, the Titan Zeus is in a class of its own. It weighs a ton too, and that’s not surprising when it’s so damn big you would barely miss any of the action even if an elephant was standing in your way. Naturally, it’s got 4K ultra high-definition (UHD) resolution too – although sadly with the World Cup only being aired in boring old Full HD (publicly anyway), footy fans will just have to make do with its upscaling technology.

That’s if they can afford one, of course. To date, only one person has, probably because its been priced at a cool £1 million, not including the aircraft hangar you’ll need to build in order to be able to house it.

In case you can’t truly appreciate how big this Ultra HD TV really is, Titan offers a direct comparison with an elephant:

Titan Zeus

You might not have heard of Titan before. That’s because the London-based company only started making TVs last year when Microsoft’s Xbox people asked for “the most beautiful gaming screen ever”. But it’s come a long way in the last twelve months or so, and actually offers a range of massive displays. Theoretically, you might just be able to squeeze its 173-incher into your living room (if you remove a wall and raise the ceiling), while other options include 196-inch and 251-inch displays.

Even better, Titan says that it’s ready to build a TV to whatever specifications one desires, or “any shape or size required”, it claims on its website. And this includes custom-made models designed for roof terraces, super yacht sun decks, and even waterproof ones that can emerge from a swimming pool.

Sadly the Titan Zeus is probably out of reach of most HDTVTest readers (we doubt we’ll get to review one either). But for those who really want to set eyes on it, Titan says its 370in UHD TV will be on exhibit at the upcoming Cannes Lions 2014 Festival, where it’ll be displaying action from the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.