Sony KDL40V3000 Review

Vincent Teoh

The Sony Bravia V3000 series was the most popular request in our latest VIP Poll. I have tested and published my findings on the Sony KDL40V3000.

On an interesting note, I see my competitor over at has published a review of the Panasonic TH42PX80. Nothing wrong there, except that on closer inspection it is a word-for-word rehash of their own TH42PX70 review. Have a look at the following screen captures from their website.


HDTV Org TH42PX80 Review


HDTV Org TH42PX70 Review

Given HDTVOrg’s past history of plagiarism, constant rehashing (check out the “Performance” section of their Samsung PS63P76FD review which is again completely rehashed from the corresponding section in their PS50P96 review, but somehow they forgot to substitute the model name), and the fact that I haven’t seen anything but generic stock photos on their website, I suspect that HDTVOrg actually writes bogus reviews without having seen many (if any) of the TVs himself.

Part of what motivates me to continue reviewing HDTVs is the sense of achievement I get from publishing my reviews way before the likes of What Hifi and Home Cinema Choice (because I’m not afraid of buying the televisions myself if there’s popular demand in our VIP poll). But how can you compete against someone who can fabricate an entire review at the drop of a hat?

On this bombshell, if you’d like to see us buy and review the Panasonic TH42PX80, I have started a fundraising to help me cover my loss when selling the plasma as second hand after the review. I have been in touch with Panasonic, but they told me that they haven’t received their loan stock in yet, and even if they had they would send the pioneer batch to the major publishing houses first.

Warmest regards