Sony PS3 3D TV Display UK Launch Delayed Beyond Christmas

Jonathan Sutton

With Christmas fast approaching there are many people who will be considering splashing out on high-tech gadgets, whether it is to treat themselves in time for the festive season, or whether it is by way of a gift for a family member or friend. However, there could be disappointment in store for anyone who is planning to rush out and buy the Sony PS3 3D Display, as it has transpired that there will be a delay in its release beyond Christmas.

Sony PS3 3D Display
Sony PS3 3D TV Display UK launch delayed beyond Christmas

According to reports, it will be next year before the 24-inch Sony Playstation 3D Display makes it to the UK, having been initially launched at E3 earlier this year. The extra-dimensional monitor, which is set to retail at around £410, was due to be released in the UK in the autumn of this year, which would have provided consumers with plenty of time to snap one up in time for the festive season. However, the delay now means that those who are planning to buy the 3D-capable HDTV will have to think of alternative gifts, which could result in huge disappointment for some.

The Sony Playstation-branded 3D Display, which boasts console-enhancing features, has already been launched in the USA. The television/monitor comes with two pairs of active-shutter 3D glasses, and is equipped with the company’s Simulview technology which enables two players to view two different tri-dimensional images using the entire real estate of the same screen, therefore enhancing the players’ gaming experience.

At present, the reasons behind the delay until 2012 have not been specified by Sony officials, but confirmation has been given that there will be no launch of the device in Europe this side of Christmas. Those who have placed an order for the Sony PS3 3D Display from retailers already have been informed that the order will take longer than originally anticipated to fulfil.