Sony KDL40Z4500, KDL40ZX1 Unveiled

David Mackenzie

Update 24 November 2008: We have now completed a full review of the Sony KDL40Z4500.

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Sony KDL40ZX1

At their Press Conference on Thursday, August 28th 2008, Sony unveiled four “world firsts” for their BRAVIA range of LCD televisions. Out of these four, it was the ultra-slim Sony KDL40ZX1 LCD TV which was announced in the grandest fashion. Rising from the smoke on a rotating platform, Sony were quick to point out that this “EDGE LED” powered display measures “less than thickness of a Blu-ray Disc case”. The Sony KDL40ZX1 has no A/V inputs, either, as all connections are made on the wireless media receiver, which can be hidden out of sight, but still beam 1080p video to the display.

Sony ZX1

The Sony KDL40ZX1 is expected to hit UK stores in December. Exact pricing details remain unknown, though some online retailers are starting to take pre-orders at £4,999.00.

Sony KDL40Z4500

Sony’s remaining announcements for the BRAVIA range were the KDL40Z4500, the world’s first 200hz LCD TV, a less slimmed-down “Picture Frame” LCD TV also with wireless technology (the Sony KDL46EX1), and of course the OLED based Sony XEL-1 display, which is finally arriving in Europe.

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