Sony KDL40W4000U Review

Vincent Teoh

Sony KDL40W4000U

Thanks to every reader who kindly contributed to the fundraising campaign which made it possible for us to acquire this LCD television for testing purposes, our Sony KDL40W4000 review is now complete.

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The specific model we reviewed was the Sony KDL40W4000U, where the ending alphabet “U” denotes the UK 3-pin-plug version. Europeans get the Sony KDL40W4000E which sports the added advantage of an integrated AVC HD tuner. Is it just us or does anyone else feel that the Brits always get short-changed?

Some things the Sony KDL40W4000U did better than the W3000; some things it did worse. While it’s difficult to call it a massive improvement over its predecessor, the Sony KDL40W4000U still delivers exceptional picture quality due in no small part to excellent blacks and accurate primary colours.