Sony Adds KDL40NX713, KDL46NX713 & KDL55NX813 To 3DTV Range

Vincent Teoh

Sony is probably the consumer electronics manufacturer who has tried the hardest to popularise 3D technology, having updated its Playstation 3 (PS3) console with 3D capabilities, released a number of 3D games, launched a slew of 3D-related hardwares including 3D TVs, 3D Blu-ray players and 3D cameras, and even filmed the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa in 3D to be broadcast by licensed TV networks worldwide. Not stopping there, this week the Japanese behemoth has expanded its 3D TV range by launching the Sony NX713 (comprising the Sony KDL40NX713 and KDL46NX713) and Sony NX813 (Sony KDL55NX813) series.

As denoted by the NX moniker, the Sony NX713 and Sony NX813 series come from the Bravia NETWORK range which is blessed with the full array of connectivity options as listed below:

  • BRAVIA Internet Video, which lets users watch video on-demand – ranging from Catch-up TV, Youtube and DailyMotion to FIFA World Cup collection and Lovefilm movie streams – on their televisions via an internet broadband connection without needing an external PC;
  • BRAVIA Internet Widgets that include some of the most popular social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr on Sony HDTVs;
  • Integrated Wifi/ Wireless LAN; and
  • DLNA functionality.

Both the Sony NX713 and the Sony NX813 series sport edge LED backlighting technology, which allows for a slimmer design with thinner bezels framing the LCD screen. Crafted using Sony’s Monolithic Design concept, the Sony NX713 and NX813 simply ooze minimalistic elegance due to the implementation of hidden, touch-sensitive controls, and contrasting plush elements such as brushed metal and glass.

Of course, the main selling point of the Sony NX713 and NX813 series is their 3D-readiness. However, owners would need to purchase the Sony TMR-BR100 3D Sync Transmitter (£50) and the Sony TDG-BR100B active shutter 3D glasses (£100 per pair) separately before they can enjoy 3D content on their Sony Bravia 3D TVs.

The Sony NX713 boasts Motionflow 100Hz Pro, and is available in screen sizes of 40 inches (Sony KDL40NX713/ KDL-40NX713/ KDL40NX713U) and 46 inches (Sony KDL46NX713/ KDL-46NX713/ KDL46NX713U). The higher-end Sony NX813 is equipped with Motionflow 200Hz Pro, but only comes in a 55-inch screen (Sony KDL55NX813/ KDL-55NX813/ KDL55NX813U).

These edge-lit LED-based 3D TVs is scheduled to hit UK stores around the middle of September, though prices remain unknown at this time of writing.