Sony To Open UK-Based DMPC(E) Facility To Help 4K Filmmakers

Mike Wheatley

Sony’s really getting serious about this ultra HD television lark. Less than 24 hours after announcing plans to team up with Panasonic to create a successor to the Blu-ray that should be capable of playing 4K movies, and just a year after setting up its first Digital Motion Picture Centre (DMPC) in the USA, the Japanese firm has announced plans for a similar centre in the UK.


Although the European arm of DMPC is primarily designed to promote Sony’s own content, the plan is that it will also provide “knowledge-sharing and training” on the latest movie-making equipment.

The good thing about the project is that Sony’s basically going to open it up to anyone who’s interesting in learning and facilitating next-generation filmmaking. Cinematographers, directors, film crews and even those who are just curious will all be invited to drop by the DMPC(E), where they can learn about the latest filming techniques and play around with Sony’s most advanced filming equipment. Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, this will probably involve informal discussions and maybe the odd scheduled course. In its US DMPC, Sony already offers introductory courses to 4K production that teach attendees about the latest 4K technologies and high-resolution projection. In addition, it runs half-day classes that allow enthusiasts more ‘hands-on’ time with Sony’s 4K video cameras.

Traditionalists will likely appreciate Sony’s choice of venue too – the DMPC is to be established at Buckinghamshire’s world famous Pinewood Studios, the historic home of British filmmaking.

Katsunori Yamanouchi, Vice President of Sony Professional Solutions in Europe, stated that the centre hopes to become a key venue for Europe’s filmmaking community:

“Our new facility will be open for members of Europe’s production community to meet and greet, share experiences and learn about the latest 4K technologies.”

The DMPC(E) will showcase video cameras from Sony’s CineAlta Super 35mm range, including its new F55 and F5 models, plus the F65, when it opens its doors sometime in September of this year.