Sky Becomes UK’s Leading TV, Phone & Broadband Provider

British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) this week announced that it has become the nation’s favourite provider for broadband, home phones and digital TV, after a record-breaking quarter which has seen the company’s “triple play” customer base grow to more than 3.2 million homes in the UK. The benefit of simplicity, quality of service and value for money associated with its home communication and entertainment packages is now enjoyed by around one in every three households that subscribe to Sky.

Sky TV
Sky becomes UK’s leading TV, phone & broadband provider

Sky has become the quickest growing provider of home telecommunication services in the United Kingdom since its Sky Talk and Sky Broadband services were launched back in 2006. The growth of these services has increased at an even more rapid pace during the first quarter of 2012, to a point where every 18 seconds a new customer moves over from his/ her existing provider to either the home phone or broadband services offered by Sky.

As a result, in the first quarter of this year BSkyB has added 220,000 and 212,000 new customers to its Sky Talk and Sky Broadband subscriber bases respectively. In total, there are now around 3.4 million customers with telephone landline rental from Sky, 3.6 million people subscribed to Sky Talk, and 3.9 million users who have access to Sky Broadband.

With around 15,000 new users signing up to its digital satellite television services (including HDTV and 3D) during the same period, Sky has also witnessed a decent increase in the number of TV customers. Altogether BSkyB is providing a total of 27.7 million Sky products to over 10.5 million homes throughout the UK, which represents an impressive level of growth for the company.

Commenting on the encouraging takeup of Sky services among British consumers, the firm’s chief executive Jeremy Darroch explained that the reason for this rapid growth in all areas of its businesses is the company’s commitment to offer its customers more flexibility, more value and better experience throughout its range of television and telecommunications services.