Sky Not Planning Extra Subscription Fee For Sky 3D Channel

Jonathan Sutton

The head of Sky 3D has reassured its customers that the satellite broadcasting company will not introduce any extra subscription fee for the Sky 3D channel (which was officially launched at the beginning of this month) for the foreseeable future. However, the channel remains available only to Sky HD+ subscribers who are signed up to the Sky World HD top package costing £61 per month.

Speaking to gadget and technology news site, Sky 3D’s channel director John Cassy said that offering the Sky 3D channel at no extra charge to subscribers who are on the top-tier Sky World HD package is the company’s way of giving something back to its most valuable customers. He went on to explain that British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) can afford to do this because the company is so far ahead of its competitors as far as 3D content delivery is concerned. Sky 3D is the first dedicated 3D TV channel launched in Europe.

During the interview, Mr Cassy revealed that Sky is in talks with the major film studios to bring more 3D movies to Sky 3D, but refused to divulge any further specifics. He wanted Sky 3D to be perceived as a medium that offers more content than just 3D sports.

When asked specifically if Sky is planning to make its 3D content available through its Sky Player online TV service, Mr Cassy said no, stressing instead that the company is currently focusing its resources on delivering 3D content to UK households via its Sky+HD box.

Mr Cassy spoke to in the midst of preparing for an audacious marketing stunt. To promote Sky 3D and to celebrate the upcoming premiere of The Universe: 7 Wonders of the Solar System on the channel, Sky illuminated the London skyline by floating 9 giant helium-filled balloons – representing the nine planets in the Solar System – above the Royal Greenwich Observatory. The 3D documentary will air on Sky 3D (channel 217) at 9pm on the 24th of October.