Samsung Buys Second-Screen App Developer MOVL

Mike Wheatley

Samsung has been working harder than most over the last few years as it looks to build technology that’ll allow its Smart TVs to communicate better with mobile devices. Now, with the acquisition of second-screen startup company MOVL, it should have a lot more help in that area.

Samsung buys second-screen app developer MOVL

Most readers have probably never heard of MOVL, but its been one of the most important companies in the area of second-screen apps. MOVL is the brains behind the API platform, which allows developers to create apps that can easily be synchronized through the cloud across TVs, smartphones, tablets and other connected devices.

A spokesperson for MOVL confirmed its acquisition to GigaOM:

“Two years after our inception, in April 2013, we are now a part of Samsung Electornics. We’re looking forward to combining our capabilities with the innovation within Samsung’s device ecosystem,” said the spokesperson.

MOVL has some history with Samsung, having previously won one of its Connected TV developer contests. It won the prize thanks to its WeDraw app, a fairly simply program which allows viewers to draw illustrations on their mobile devices have them displayed on their Samsung TV. Another of its popular apps is PokerFun, which allows multiple persons to play poker using their TV as the main ‘table’, whilst ‘holding’ their cards on their smartphone or tablet

More recently, MOVL has become a lot more ambitious, seeking to provide a platform for other developers to build apps for an array of different TV platforms. The interface is also compatible with Google TVs, Android and iOS devices, while its designers were also working to integrate other TV platforms. Now that Samsung has acquired it, it’s unclear if the Korean firm will still allow this, or if it will keep its technology strictly for its own devices.

One thing that is clear though, Samsung is determined to improve the level of interactivity between its TVs and other devices. As such, those who own a Samsung TV can look forward to playing with a lot more games and other second-screen apps as the MOVL team sets about bringing its ideas to fruition.

Source: GigaOM