Samsung LE52M87BDX Review

Vincent Teoh

Andrew has posted his first review for HDTVTest on Samsung LE52M87BDX, their current flagship LCD TV.

Looking forward to the future, both Andrew and I are testing a couple of Pioneer plasma televisions that have been kindly supplied by TLC Broadcast, an authorised Pioneer specialist retailer. Their prices are pretty competitive with the additional bonus of free 5 year warranty thrown in. I’ve chatted at length with their boss Tony, who impressed me with his thorough knowledge of (and supreme confidence in) Pioneer products… I’m sure the aftercare provided will be excellent.

Another thing before I sign off this time: following the suggestions of some readers, I’ve reorganised the HDTVTest forum to make it less cluttered, so feel free to sign up and contribute to a growing community. Soon I plan to start offloading some calibrated HDTVs that I bought to review in a subsection of the forum… I’ll keep you guys posted.