Samsung LE52F96BDX Review

Vincent Teoh

Samsung LE52F96BDX

Another Samsung review, I hear you say? I can’t help it: they keep coming out with televisions that generate lots of interests (as shown in our VIP Poll). But more importantly, they are one of the few manufacturers who respond quickly to my requests for HDTV samples. If only other companies are this obliging (yeah I’m referring to you Sony).

Back to the 52″ F96. Those of you who have been following the developments in the AV industry will know that it uses a local dimming LED backlight which makes it possible to attain true blacks. The technology certainly isn’t new – Brightside first unveiled their HDR (high dynamic range) displays powered by IMLED (individually modulated LED) back in 2005 – but in the case of the Samsung LE52F96BDX, the affordability is.

I’ll be honest with you: I was pretty excited when I received the LE52F96BDX from Samsung, because it was the one television that I thought could – on paper at least – give the Pioneer Kuros a run for their money. To see how I got on with it, here’s my Samsung LE52F96BD review.

Panasonic TX32LXD700 Review

Lyris just reminded me that I haven’t announced his Panasonic TX32LXD700 review (it has been a busy few weeks), so here it is. Before you ask, a) Lyris doesn’t have any calibration equipment (yet); b) he refrained from recommending it because he saw too many interpolation artifacts caused by [100Hz Motion Picture Pro] which cannot be disabled on the LXD700.