Samsung To Equip D7000 & D6500 LED TVs With 3D & Smart TV Functions

Vincent Teoh

Samsung Electronics are gearing up to equip even their midrange and entry-level HDTVs – such as the upcoming D7000 and D6500 series of LED-backlit LCD TVs – with 3D TV capabilities and “Smart TV” functionalities, as both features (especially the latter) are expected to be in high demand among consumers looking to purchase a flat-screen television in 2011. Samsung’s new HDTV range will also be sculpted in line with their cutting-edge design philosophy, which has undoubtedly been integral to the company’s rise to prominence as the world’s leading TV brand.

Samsung D7000 Series

Samsung UE40D7000

One rung down from the high-end D8000 series, the Samsung D7000 range of LED TVs is blessed with all the features found on the D8000 (including 200Hz/ 240Hz motion and “Smart Hub” internet-connected platform with unrestricted web browsing) except for the “Micro Dimming Plus” pseudo-local-dimming LED backlighting technology, and the touchscreen remote. While still 0.2″ thin, the D7000’s bezel is moulded using Samsung’s Touch of Colour design (black bezel framed by a transparent edge with a tint of red).

With the most popular model expected to be the Samsung 40-inch LED TV, the D7000 also comes in the three other screen sizes (just like the D8000):

Screen SizeUS Model NumberUK & Europe Model Number

Samsung D6400/ D6500 Series

Samsung UE40D6500

The entry-level Samsung D6400 (or D6500 in the UK and Europe) series of 3D-capable LED LCD TVs has a slightly thicker bezel, only 120Hz/ 100Hz motion, and no “Micro Dimming Plus” technology, touch-screen remote nor full-fledged internet browser. Pricing and availability in the United Kingdom will probably be announced at the company’s official UK press conference.

Although 3D technology got off to a slow start in 2010, the Korean TV manufacturer believes 3D TV sales will pick up this year due to increased availability of extra-dimensional content such as 3D Blu-ray movies, 3D games and also 3D channels. To help the public get on the 3-dimensional bandwagon amid these economically difficult times, Samsung has pledged to slash the cost of buying a functional set of 3D home cinema system (including 3D television, 3D Blu-ray player, 3D glasses and content) by more than 65% this year.