New Sizes & Low Prices Boost Popularity Of Large LCD TVs

Jonathan Sutton

Figures have shown that there has been rapid growth in the LCD TV market when it comes to sets with screen sizes larger than 40 inches. A shift towards larger-sized LCD TVs was seen towards the end of last year, with data indicating that the introduction of new sizes has contributed to increased popularity of bigger-sized LCDs.

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New sizes & low prices boost popularity of large LCD TVs

Consumers have been taking advantage of the new sizes that are available, especially in China and North America, and demand is further fuelled by the affordable price tags on the large LCD televisions. Sizes that are becoming popular amongst buyers include 46″, 47″, 55″, 60″ and 65″ HDTV displays. As a result, TV panel manufacturers are looking at additional sizes to further satisfy demand in the market, so we could see screen sizes as large as 70 or even 80 inches becoming available.

The forecast for LCD TV area demand has been raised by NPD DisplaySearch based on this data. According to the market research firm’s Quarterly Worldwide FPD Shipment and Forecast Report, LCD television panel demand is likely to reach 85 million square meters over the course of this year, which is nearly 2 percent higher than the previous forecast. It is also predicted that this will continue to increase over the coming years, and that LCD TV area demand could reach over 116 million square meters in 2018.

David Hsieh, vice president at NPD DisplaySearch, said that strong sales and promotions of LCD TVs of 40″ and above at the end of last year showed that the popularity of larger LCDs is on the up. He added that consumers are responding well to promotions encouraging them to buy larger screen sizes, especially in China and North America, the two main global LCD markets.