Phereo 3D Photo App Launched On Samsung Smart TVs

Mike Wheatley

Ever keen to be seen as the world’s leading innovator in 3DTV content, Korean TV manufacturer Samsung has announced the addition of a new and totally free app from the 3D photography website Phereo to its Smart Hub internet-connected portal.

Samsung Smart TV
Phereo 3D photo app launched on Samsung Smart TVs

Phereo, whose service has been labelled as the first and only dedicated social network for 3D photographers and viewers, brings to you a vast range of professional and amateur extra-dimensional images, searchable by various categories including landscapes, animals, cars and people. The company is widely recognised as one of the world’s pioneers in the development of 3-D technology and image processing systems for the internet, home entertainment systems and mobile devices.

Aside from being able to view one of the largest collections of 3D images of any service in the world, Phereo users can upload and organise their own photos, list favourites, share images and more, and now, all of these options will be available directly from Samsung’s Smart HDTV displays.

Officials from both companies gave their views on the launch of the new Smart TV application. Samsung Electronics Russia’s marketing director Sergey Pevnev said that the introduction of the Phereo app underlined the television maker’s desire to offer even more sources of tri-dimensional content for viewers:

“Phereo will expand the availability of 3D content considerably. There’s nothing quite like the pleasure of viewing stunning images in full 3D on the big screen, and we’re delighted that Samsung’s customers can now do so. Phereo is the choice 3D photo sharing site for thousands of professional and amateur photographers around the world, and now every single Samsung 3D TV owner will be able to explore this community.”

Phereo’s managing director Dmitry Novikov stressed how important Smart TV is for image sharing services like his company:

“Home entertainment is undergoing a transformation with the growth of Smart TVs, and so we’re delighted to be able to team up with Samsung Electronics and expand accessibility to our network of 3D images. Phereo 3D Photo offers dozens of awesome features that many people will enjoy, and we’re sure the new app will bring much pleasure to thousands of Samsung 3D TV owners.”