Panasonic TH 42PZ70B Review

Vincent Teoh

Panasonic TH42PZ70

The Panasonic TH42PZ70B review is now complete. Under the “Benchmark” section you will find an additional item labelled “Motion Resolution”, the value of which I shall explain below.

I’ve recently received a new test disc called “FPD Benchmark Software For Professional” (many thanks to Gary Merson from HDGuru for the heads up), which contains a few test patterns that will allow me to objectively quantify the amount of motion blurring on any display device. This is the pattern (Chapter 31, Resolution Pattern 2) I find most useful:

FPD Benchmark

Each “pillar” contains 4 lines which progressively become thinner as we go down the screen; the numbers on the right denote the resolution of the lines. This particular test pattern will scroll horizontally at a rate of 6.5 ppf (pixels per frame). By noting down the resolution (the number on the right) at which we can still discern all 4 lines separately (i.e. they don’t merge into 3 lines or less), we can determine the motion resolution of the television.

Of course, the result will be influenced by:

  • Whether the television is able to fully resolve 1080 static resolution in the first place;
  • Your viewing distance (the farther you sit, finer resolution will be lost to the eye).

And remember, it’s only a test pattern. In real-life viewing, the panning speed and the resolution of the objects being panned will differ. But at least the “FPD Benchmark” provides me with an objective standard to assess motion resolution, and to compare the results between televisions. This motion resolution test will be performed on all future televisions I review, including the Sony KDL40X3500 LCD TV (Motionflow on vs off).