LG 2016 OLED TV Models Get “OLED” Prefix: 4K, Curved

Vincent Teoh

LG Electronics is the undisputed chief advocate of OLED TV, but in addition to extolling the display technology’s many virtues of absolute blacks, vibrant colours and wide viewing angles, it appears the South Korean manufacturer has gone one step further by incorporating the prefix “OLED” into its 2016 models in a bid to build consumer awareness.


Companies regularly submit their products for WiFi certification, and trawling through the publicly accessible database on the Wi-Fi Alliance website, we discovered the following model numbers which were recently approved:

  • OLED65G6V, OLED65G6Y, OLED65G6T, OLED65G6P, OLED65G6K; and

These are likely to be LG’s new OLED TVs expected to be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas this week. Based on our knowledge of the Korean brand’s television nomenclature, here are some details on the 2016 OLEDs from LG.

The two numbers immediately following the OLED prefix represents the screen size, so there will be 65-inch and 77-inch versions. Whether a 55-inch OLED display will be released is unclear at this time of writing, although we certainly hope LG will do so to cater for the smaller average living room size in the UK and Europe. Since the firm has never released a 1080p OLED TV larger than 55 inches, 4K UHD (ultra high-definition) resolution on the new G6 range is a given.

The character “G” after the screen size figures in the model numbers indicates that the OLED televisions will most probably feature a curved design. Again, we’re not sure if LG has any flat-panel OLEDs in the pipeline for the year ahead, but the Seoul-based conglomerate would be foolish not to do so, considering the overwhelming popularity of the 55EF950V and 65EF950V FLOLED televisions since launch in fall 2015.

The last character in the model number denotes the region in which the unit will go on sale. For example, the LG OLED65G6V and OLED77G6V are the 65in and 77in models designated for the United Kingdom and Europe, whereas OLED65G6T and OLED77G6T are Australasian models.

We will be speaking to LG on the CES showfloors this week to find out more details (including price and availability) about these OLED TVs, so stay tuned.