Nvidia 3DTV Play Software Delivers 3D From PCs To 3D TVs

Vincent Teoh

Nvidia, the California-based technology firm specialising in graphics processing units (GPUs), has this week launched its much awaited 3DTV Play software which allows users hook up their PCs and laptops equipped with the company’s 3D Vision technology to a large-screen 3D TV to obtain a more immersive tri-dimensional experience.

The Nvidia 3D Vision technology combines the use of GPU, special 3D glasses and driver software to deliver stereoscopic 3D effects on personal computers and notebooks. Prior to the arrival of 3DTV Play, users can only enjoy the 3D effects on compatible monitors with high refresh rates. With the Nvidia 3DTV Play software installed however, the 3D signals can now be sent over any available HDMI 1.4 port on the PC to be watched on a 3D HDTV, hopefully contributing to a more engaging 3D experience due to the bigger screen size.

Nvidia’s software solution may temporarily alleviate the current paucity of 3D content which has been an important factor in putting the buying public off acquiring a 3D TV display. The company claims that at the moment there are at least 500 computer games – including Mafia II and StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty – that can be played in 3D… far more than the dozen or so available on the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Sony PS3 video game consoles. Armed with the Nvidia 3DTV Play software, PC users can also view 3D photos, watch 3D videos, and enjoy 3D Blu-ray movies (using the appropriate video playback software such as CyberLink PowerDVD 10 MK II) on a 3D TV set.

The Nvidia 3DTV Play software can be downloaded and installed as an integrated component of the latest Nvidia 3D Vision graphics drivers, effectively constituting a free upgrade for all owners of 3D Vision desktop computers and notebooks. Otherwise, the Nvidia 3DTV Play may come pre-installed on selected PCs and laptops, or can be purchased as a standalone software next month.