Netflix Rolling Out Mobile HDR on Samsung Galaxy S8 & LG G6

Vincent Teoh

Netflix has begun rolling out mobile HDR streaming on selected compatible phones, including the LG G6 with Dolby Vision support, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 series of smartphones that carry the “Mobile HDR Premium” certification from the Ultra HD Alliance (UHDA), even though the latter is not at this time of publication officially listed as a compatible device on Netflix’s own help page.

Netflix Mobile HDR on Samsung S8+
Photo credit: rayhahn1 on Twitter

HDR (high dynamic range) technology has provided a significant jump in picture quality on capable big-screen televisions, with its greater headroom allowing bright highlight detail to be accurately captured and depicted without being blown out (as was the case on standard dynamic range displays). Here at HDTVTest, we’ve been enamoured by the impact of HDR, and we’re placing more emphasis on HDR performance on our TV reviews this year.

Now, this HDR goodness will be arriving on mobile phone screens too, as long as you have a compatible device and the necessary Netflix subscription plan. A few publications have cited Phandroid noticing the LG G6 being listed as the only compatible device on Netflix’s official support page, but surprisingly, a Twitter user spotted Netflix HDR going live on his Samsung S8+ mobile too following version 5.0.3 update on the Netflix app, and tipped us off (thanks Ray Hahn!).

Netflix Mobile HDR

As a company, Samsung is currently going in a different direction from Dolby Vision (DV), so it will come as no surprise that the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will support HDR10 streaming format from Netflix, but not DV.

This Netflix Android app update will surely add some sparkle to your daily commute entertainment if you own these flagship phones. Just watch that data.