LG USA Launches World’s First Smart TV Ad Platform

Jonathan Sutton

LG Electronics is recognised worldwide as a leading manufacturer of internet-connected Smart TV products. The Korean consumer electronics giant has now further demonstrated its innovative abilities by launching the world’s first Smart TV ad platform. This provides a complete advertisement solution, which includes benefits such as monetisation through the company’s alliance with YuMe, optimisation and management of the ad inventory, and built-in advertising support.

LG Smart TV
LG USA launches world’s first Smart TV ad platform

The advertising platform has been developed by LG USA to help build a stronger eco-system of publishers, developers and users. The platform is designed to be mutually beneficial to both developers and users. For developers the main benefit is that they will be able to maximise their revenues, whereas users will receive advertisements that are targeted, interesting and relevant to their needs.

This platform will enable advertisers to take advantage of a large-screen HDTV experience which is more engaging and immersive. LG said that as consumers are discovering more about the benefits, app offerings and content that come with the Smart TV experience, usage is increasing, which gives advertisers access to a much wider audience, providing the opportunity to launch successful general and targeted advertising campaigns.

LG and YuMe also revealed that one of the first brands to advertise on the new ad platform is Toyota. Dionne Colvin, national marketing media manager at Toyota USA, said that the company is excited at being able to reach a new and wider audience via the Smart TV advertising platform, adding that Toyota takes pride in its innovative approach when it comes to advertising. She said that the company is keen to follow changing consumer trends as far as its advertising methods are concerned, and with consumers watching video online, on television and via their mobiles, Smart TV advertising gives the company access to a whole new audience that had previously been difficult to reach.