LG Unveils LW9500 & LW7700 3D LED TV Sets With Nano Technology

Vincent Teoh


In a preview event ahead of next month’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, LG Electronics has revealed some details on two new ranges of LED-backlit LCD TV displays, namely the LG LW9500 and the LG LW7700 series. Lumped under the “Nano” moniker, these new LED LCD televisions will feature LG’s proprietary Nano Lighting Technology (which purportedly combines the strengths of both edge LED and local-dimming LED backlight technologies), and also 3D capabilities.

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Although they generally deliver superior picture quality compared to edge-lit sets, locally-dimmed LED TVs have traditionally been somewhat bulky due to the way the LEDs are rear-mounted within the chassis. To increase the aesthetic appeal of LED TV displays to consumers, over the last couple of years TV manufacturers have instead focused on producing and selling edge-lit LED-based LCD HDTVs. Mounting the LEDs along the borders of the LCD screen does allow for a slimmer design, but this entails some compromise in picture performance especially in terms of screen uniformity.

First seen on the LEX8 and LEX9 series of premium LED-backlit LCDs showcased at IFA Berlin in September, the LG Nano Lighting Technology has been developed to provide the best of both worlds, i.e. super-slim design together with excellent image quality. According to LG, this is achieved by using a full array of LEDs to illuminate an ultra-thin film imprinted with a special pattern, resulting in a more even light dispersion across the LCD screen. Another innovation called Micro Pixel Control allows for manipulation of brightness down to each individual LED, contributing to deeper blacks and higher contrast.

Three screen sizes are available within the LG LW9500 and LW7700 3D LED TV series: 47 inches, 55 inches and 60 inches. The key difference between the LW9500 and LW7700 appears to be the MCFI (motion-compensated frame interpolation) technology implemented: the former has 480Hz motion (400Hz in the UK and Europe); while the latter has 240Hz motion (200Hz in the UK and Europe). If the naming system LG used on its HDTV sets this year is preserved for the 2011 models, then here are the possible model numbers for the US and UK versions (assuming they make it across the pond):

Screen Size (inch)US Model NumberUK Model Number
47LG 47LW9500; LG 47LW7700LG 47LW9900; LG 47LW7900
55LG 55LW9500; LG 55LW7700LG 55LW9900; LG 55LW7900
60LG 60LW9500; LG 60LW7700LG 60LW9900; LG 60LW7900

Pricing and shipping dates are expected to be announced during LG’s press conference at CES 2011 next month.

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