LG Launches 50PX990 & 60PX990 THX-Certified 3D Plasma TVs

Vincent Teoh

3D technology has truly injected a new lease of life into plasma TVs. Before TV manufacturers started trumpeting 3D displays at the start of 2010, things were looking bleak for plasmas – more and more consumers were choosing LCD TVs (either LED-backlit or conventional CCFL) over plasma televisions, tempted by LCDs’ slimmer and lighter form factor, lower energy consumption, versatility, or a combination of these factors. But the faster pixel response time required to reduce crosstalk when rendering 3D images has tilted the balance somewhat back in plasma’s favour, and propelled this emissive display technology back into the limelight.

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So while LG Electronics has initially gone down the LED/ LCD route when launching its first 3D TV sets, it’s not surprising to find the company developing 3D plasma TVs. At the IFA 2010 trade show in Berlin, LG will unveil the PX950N series, which is not only the Korean giant’s first 3D plasma TV, but also the world’s first HDTV display to be 3D THX-certified (the Panasonic VT20 series is THX-certified but not in 3D). In the United Kingdom, this will be marketed as the LG PX990 series, comprising the 50-inch LG 50PX990 and the 60-inch 60PX990.

LG 50PX990/ 60PX990

Both the LG 50PX990 and the LG 60PX990 plasma 3D TVs are blessed with the company’s 3D Panel with faster response time and 600Hz sub-field drive motion technology, which work in tandem to enhance motion reproduction and minimise crosstalk. The wide viewing angles – a traditional forte of plasma televisions – allow viewers to enjoy 3D content from more spots in the living room, even when lying down.

Another positive feature on the LG 50PX990 and LG60PX990 is MPF (Multi-Picture Format) support, which lets users see the 3D pictures taken by their 3D cameras directly on the 3D TV screen. Other specifications include LG’s Netcast connected internet platform, DLNA certification and Wifi connectivity.

More details concerning prices and availability may come to light at IFA 2010. LG is also planning to show off a gigantic 180-inch plasma prototype at the event.

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