LE40M86BD Price Drop

Vincent Teoh

Dixons has reduced the price of Samsung LE40M86BD to £1074.99 as of last night, so with the 50APR07 voucher code (enter at basket page) that gives £50 discount, you can now buy it for £1024.99 including free delivery.

If it’s out-of-stock at your post code, but you’re hell-bent on locking in this price, there are a couple of ways around it (usual disclaimer you’re doing this at your own risk, I’m not responsible for your actions etc.):

  • Place your order after 11pm… Dixons’ stock checker is switched off after hours and you can order anything regardless of stock level. This is of course only if you’re prepared to wait out the delivery; I spoke to Dixons this morning who said that stock will be replenished on 6 May (coming Friday).
  • Order from Currys Online, which is under the same parent company as Dixons, and share the exact same warehouse distribution centre. The online price is £1099.99, but you can use voucher codes NHS192 (if you’re involved in the NHS) or TEACH5PCT (if you’re a teacher) to get 5% off, making the final price £1044.99 including free delivery. Yeah it’s £20 more expensive than Dixons, but at least you get to place the order.

Otherwise, if you’ve ordered or bought from Dixons at a higher price over the last couple of weeks, simply call them up and pleasantly explain your situation… they should refund you the difference. Call 0800 0682868 instead of the normal 0870 3331222 to avoid being charged at national rate.