Hisense's 2024 Mini-LED TVs launch in U.S. and Europe

Mike Wheatley
Hisense's 2024 Mini-LED TVs launch in U.S. and Europe

Hisense has finally gotten around to launching its 2024 Mini-LED and regular LED TVs that were first unveiled back at CES 2024 in Las Vegas in January.

The Hisense TVs, including the U6N, U7N, U76N and U8N are some of the most eagerly anticipated models to launch this year, providing premium pictures and advanced features and functionality at significantly more affordable prices than the likes of LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics and Sony.

The new models are part of Hisense’s ULED and ULED X series TVs, and replace last year’s Hisense U6K, U7K and U8K televisions, which were mid-range and higher-end LCD and Mini-LED TVs, respectively.

The flagship Hisense U8N TV is a Mini-LED display with quantum dots that can hit a peak brightness of up to 3,000 nits, with more than 2,000 local dimming zones, the company said at CES. It will go on sale in Europe and the U.S, with the only difference between the two versions being the operating system. In Europe, the company continues to use its own Vidaa OS platform, while in North America, the TV will run Google TV.

The Hisense U8N TV also boasts a 144Hz panel, Game Bar menu, HDMI 2.1 ports that support Variable Refresh Rates, Auto Low-Latency and G-SYNC compatibility for advanced gaming, as well as WiFi 6E connectivity.

As for the Hisense U76N, this is an entirely new addition to the lineup that sits between the U8N and U7N, and it’s available in a 100-inch size to compete against a host of 98-inch models sold by its competitors. It features Mini-LED backlighting but has just 256 local dimming zones, which is significantly fewer than the top-ranked U8N model. It also features quantum dots, filmmaker mode, IMAX Enhanced certification, and a 144HZ refresh rate.

Both the U8N and the U76N feature a new AI-powered chip inside them is said to enable feature such as Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro, AI HDR Enhancement, AI Detail Enhancement and Face Detection.

The Hisense U7N and U6N models are regular LCD QLED TVs available in sizes ranging from 55-inches to 85-inches.

According to FlatPanels HD, the Hisense TVs are on sale now in North America and have just started to appear in some European countries too, though not all. The 100-inch U76N is already available in the U.S., but it will be a few more weeks before it launches in Europe.