Google TV Website Launched; New Content Partners Announced

Jonathan Sutton

Although the launch date for Google TV has not been officially announced yet, almost every sign indicates that it is just around the corner. For starters, Google has finally dedicated a section on its website to Google TV .

There is a short video tour explaining the concept of Google TV to the average consumer – basically an application that allows users to search TV channels and even the entire internet directly on the television. This is radically different from the limited web widgets found on most internet-enabled HDTVs available on the market so far, where consumers can only access certain online content (for example Youtube, Bloomberg, etc.).

The promotional video goes on to list some attractive features of Google TV. Because it is powered by the Google Android operating system commonly found on some of the latest smartphones, users can download applications onto a customisable Google TV homepage, and even use compatible mobile phones as remote controls for their HDTVs. A dual-view functionality lets viewers watch TV and browse the net at the same time, or toggle between them in a seamless manner. There’s even a digital video recording function for those who are subscribed to the DISH satellite TV network in the USA.

A “Get It” link on the Google TV webpage tells the public the 2 ways they can join the Google TV revolution: either by purchasing a Google-TV-enabled Sony Internet TV (which is scheduled to be unveiled in an international press conference on the 12th of October); or by buying an external Logitech Revue set-top box to be used with their existing HDTV set.

In preparation for Google TV’s launch, Google also announced that it has signed partnership agreements with some of the biggest names in America’s media and entertainment industry, including HBO, Amazon, CNBC, Netflix and NBA. These partners will not only develop and supply content to be enjoyed on Google TV, but also optimise their portfolio of websites so that they can function properly on the new platform.