Google TV Update Adds Voice Search & Android YouTube Push Capabilities

Mike Wheatley

Probably the favorite pastime in the UK and an increasing number of nations throughout the world, watching TV is becoming something of a global phenomenon. With advances in home entertainment technology, numerous clunky remotes have emerged as the norm, sometimes requiring a small textbook to understand and effectively navigate the various controls and options.

Google TV
Google TV update adds voice search & Android YouTube push capabilities

Google is putting an end to all of that with their new “Voice Search” feature that is included in the latest update for Google TV-capable devices, which will be first rolled out on LG’s G2 series of smart LED TVs. As the search engine giant aptly says, “Simply speak to watch anything.”

What makes this such a powerful feature, is Google’s amazing database of movies, TV shows and YouTube videos that are all made available at the utterance of a single word. That’s right, say the name of your favorite actor or movie star and you will be presented with all of the movies, TV shows and YouTube videos that he or she is in.

This database is easily accessible through the PrimeTime app, which makes watching your favorite TV shows and movies more convenient than ever. PrimeTime features a user-friendly interface that uses visual content and also automatically relates other TV shows and media that the user would also like based upon his or her preferences.

And to top things off, the newest Google TV update will add a syncing feature that links your Android-based mobile device to your Google TV, allowing you to push YouTube videos from your Android smartphone or tablet directly to your television. Now you can watch all of your favorite YouTube clips and videos on your large-screen HDTV.

Google has reaffirmed its commitment to developing user-centric features that improve ease of access to traditional recreational activities such as watching television and listening to music. With technological advancements like this and more on their way, the company is certainly redefining what it means to “channel surf.”

Source: Official Google TV blog