Brits Willing To Pay More For Apple Ipad 2 Than A 40-Inch 3D TV: Poll

Jonathan Sutton

The main factor stopping British consumers from buying 3D televisions is their expensive prices, according to a poll conducted by Canada-based market research firm Vision Critical. The median price that UK respondents are willing to pay for a 40-inch brand-name 3D TV is a meagre £385, underlining the low perceived value of 3-dimensional home entertainment among the UK public. By comparison, the Apple iPad 2 tablet – which has sold like hotcakes in the United Kingdom since its 25 March launch – commands a higher price at £399 for the cheapest 16Gb Wifi version.


The company, which specialises in online polling software, carried out a web survey among 1011 Canadian, 1006 American and 2007 British adults to find out the prevailing sentiments towards 3D TVs in these developed countries. Statistically weighted according to age, gender, education and region to provide a representative sample, the results – in particular the ones concerning the UK – are certainly interesting.

Although awareness of 3D technology is high in Britain (81% have heard of 3D-capable television prior to participating in the poll), worryingly for TV manufacturers actual ownership and intent to purchase remain on the low side. Only a disappointing 2% of the British respondents have a 3DTV at home, and to make matters worse, four out of five (81%) have indicated that they will not splash out on a 3D-ready HDTV over the next six months.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, price is the chief deterrent, cited by 42% of UK respondents as the main reason for not purchasing household consumer 3D TVs. Almost one in three (31% to be more specific) were put off by the inconvenience of having to wear 3D glasses, while only a surprisingly low 6% thought that the relative dearth of 3D programming was a major issue.

The price sensitivity among British consumers extends even to their choice of TV brand and the retailer to whom they will hand over their credit cards. Those planning to buy a 3D TV within the next 6 months will mostly go for whichever brand is on sale (35%), followed by Sony (23%), Samsung (14%) and Panasonic (12%) models. The same scenario played out retailer-wise: more than half (53%) will buy a 3D television from whichever retailer offered the best deal at the time of purchase; whereas 12% and 11% will source theirs from Currys and Argos respectively.

And here’s the clincher. When asked the question “The average price for a 40″ brand name 3D TV is currently around £800. How much would you be willing to pay for a 3D TV meeting this description?“, the median answer given by British respondents is £385. That’s less than the price of the cheapest Apple iPad 2. Any 3DTV makers willing to meet this challenge within the next six months? Thought not.

Source: Vision Critical