Switching On Bedroom TV & Internet Can “Switch Off” Your Relationship

Jonathan Sutton

These days, having gadgets and devices for entertainment purpose in the bedroom is nothing new for most people. A huge number of us have access to HDTV, internet and games consoles in our bedrooms, enabling us to enjoy a variety of entertainment whilst relaxing in bed. However, recent research has suggested that tuning into these various forms of entertainment in the bedroom could mean that we are “tuning out” of our relationships.

Bedroom TV and internet
Switching on bedroom TV & internet can “switch off” relationships

A study was carried out by the furniture retailer IKEA, which involved polling consumers around the UK. The results of the study showed that around half a million people are enjoying video games, television and internet in the bedroom. Following the study, relationship counsellor Christine Northam stated that by tuning into these consumer electronic devices in the bedroom many people could be getting distracted and neglecting their relationships. In fact, Northam said that this obsession with using gadgets and devices in the bedroom could even be affecting the ability of many people to get a good night’s sleep.

The survey results showed that 22 percent of people who were polled watched television in the bedroom, whereas 20 percent admitted to going online whilst in bed. When it came to playing computer games in the bedroom, 18 percent said that they engaged in this. The worst offenders for using their devices and gadgets in the bedroom were found to be in London, Glasgow, Gateshead, Warrington and Wednesbury.

Northam said that modern technology has provided consumers with innovative tools for entertainment, but in many cases the use of such technology becomes excessive and starts to clutter the bedroom. She added that this tech overuse could start to get in the way of peoples’ relationships and even their health. Relate, the national federated charity that deals with relationship issues, advised these technology fanatics to dedicate a special time each day to catch up with their partners without interruption from TV, phone or computer.