BBC To Air London 2012 Olympics In 3D & Super Hi-Vision (Ultra HD)

Richard Carlton

Whilst there are likely to be many people who may be sorely disappointed that for one reason or another they are unable to attend the London 2012 Olympics in person, Brits will be delighted with the news that the BBC could be bringing the next best thing to cities around the United Kingdom.

BBC London 2012 Olympics
BBC to air London 2012 Olympics in 3D & Ultra HD

The UK public service broadcaster has revealed that it is planning to use a high-tech experimental display technology in order to help people who have not made it to the stadiums to feel more connected to the games. This technology will come in the form of Super Hi-Vision (Ultra HD) screens, which will offer picture resolution that is an amazing sixteen times higher than that of HDTV sets.

At the Edinburgh International Television Festival, Roger Mosey – the BBC executive who heads the organisation’s London 2012 coverage – told reporters that three 50-foot tall screens will be placed in areas around England, and those who want to feel as though they are at the stadium will be able to do so through the clarity and resolution that these Super Hi Vision screens offer. Delivering cutting-edge technology to viewers who may be unable to make the games, the Beeb’s move will give them the chance to feel as if they are watching at the stadium even though they are not physically there.

In addition to experimenting with Super Hi-Vision, the BBC has also announced that it will be bringing some of the Olympic Games events to viewers in all their 3-dimensional glory, which will again offer a new and exciting perspective for those who cannot make the games but wish to have a realistic viewing experience. While not every sporting event will be shown in 3D, Mosey hinted that the 100m final is “certainly on the agenda” as part of a “limited experiment”.