Xgimi unveils Horizon Max projector with IMAX Enhanced

Mike Wheatley

The popular portable projector manufacturer Xgimi is back at it with another “world’s first” with the new Horizon Max. Announced just ahead of CES 2024, the new projector is said to be the world’s first IMAX Enhanced long-throw model, and it shares many of the advanced capabilities found in last year’s Horizon Ultra, which was the first-ever Dolby Vision-compatible long-throw projector.


Like the Horizon Ultra, the Xgimi Horizon Max comes with a similarly boxy design that makes it somewhat less portable than its traditional models, but that’s to be expected as the focus with this particular model is on enhanced image quality and brightness. The Dual Light 2.0 system that sits at the heart of this model is said to combine laser light with LEDs to deliver an ultra-wide colour gamut and superior brightness of up to 3,100 ISO lumens, or around 3,875 ANDI lumens. As such, the Xgimi Max will be around 35% brighter than last year’s Horizon Ultra.

Where the Xgimi Horizon Max differs from the Horizon Ultra is that it does not support Dolby’s Vision or Atmos picture and sound formats. Instead, it supports DTS’s IMAX technology, including its DTS sound system. As Xgimi explains, IMAX Enhanced is normally only found on the most premium projector models, and so it’s making that technology much more accessible. The company didn’t reveal a price tag yet, but its projectors are typically much cheaper than models manufactured by the likes of LG, BenQ and Hisense.

The Xgimi Horizon Max will also support easy setup with its auto keystone and focus correction functionality, which essentally means the projector runs on “autopilot”, the company claims. With its built-in Intelligent Screen Adaptation 5.0 technology, it can automatically adjust the picture to suit whatever screen or wall the image is being beamed onto. It works by recognising the kind of surface the projector is being used with, and then adapts the picture as required to ensure it looks smooth and clear. As such, users won’t have to worry about finding a perfectly flat wall or aligning it perfectly.

In addition, Xgimi said the Horizon Max will run the Google TV operating system, which means it will support streaming from Netflix and other apps. It helps to provide the plug-and-play experience that’s pretty much essential for any portable projector, eliminating the need to hook up an external device to watch content through.

The Xgimi Horizon Max will be launched at CES 2024 alongside a second new projector called the Xgimi Aladdin, which is said to be a hybrid device that acts as a projector, speaker and ceiling light. It’s said to be able to throw up a picture measuring 100-inches diagonally with a 0:7:1 projection ratio, with built-in Harman Kardon 360-degree sound capabilities.


We haven’t seen any images yet, but the Xgimi Aladdin sounds a lot like the Xgimi Magic Lamp device that was launched only in China last year. Given the similarity between the names, it seems likely that the Aladdin is the global version of that device. According to the company, the Xgimi Aladdin will launch first of all in Japan in June, before coming to Europe and the U.S. later in the year.