World's First Invisible Cinema to Tour UK

Mike Wheatley

A select bunch of UK cinema-goers will be in for a rather blank experience this week when they get to witness what Banco Santander says is the world’s first “invisible cinema ”experience.


You heard that right. The Spanish bank is the rather unusual backer of an interesting trick which involves projecting films that are completely invisible to the naked eye, and can only be seen with special polarised glasses. Unsuspecting viewers without a pair of the special specs would walk inside, take their seats, and wonder just what the hell is going on as the movie starts and they all they can hear is the sound while staring at a blank screen.

The idea isn’t to confuse anyone though. Rather, it’s part of a clever marketing campaign by Santander to educate young people about fraud, and how important it is to keep their banking and personal data safe.

Santander said it teamed up with unnamed “technology specialists” in order to create its invisible cinemas, which was done by stripping out the polarisation filters on dozens of LCD displays which make up the screen. They then used the polarisation filters to make the viewing glasses, through which all of the on-screen action magically appears.

The bank said it’s important to educate young people to better protect themselves and their financial details when they’re online, and that’s the entire point of this little experience. It cites data which shows that more than 40 percent of 18 to 24-year olds have shared their online banking passwords, while 85 percent have also shared details on social media that could be used by scammers to build a personal profile of them. Furthermore, some 64 percent of under 25-year olds say they’ve been approached by scammers online, with one in five becoming victims.


Love Island star and social media influencer Wes Nelson has also thrown his weight behind the campaign, and will give his own advice on how to avoid falling victim to online fraud during the film, before audiences sit back and watch the movie ‘Now You See Me’.

“Scammers are so savvy these days and it’s scary to see what information they can get hold of and use to trick you with,” Nelson said.

The free to watch invisible cinema experience, “For Your Eyes Alone”, will tour across the UK this winter at a number of special events in Brighton, Exeter, London and Sheffield Hallam universities, with future dates expected to be confirmed in the New Year.