Wejoy seeks funding for updated touchscreen projector

Mike Wheatley

Chinese electronics brand Wejoy, which hit the headlines a couple of years ago with the debut of its novel touchscreen projector, is returning to Kickstarter with an updated version of that device that boasts outdoor-friendly functionality.


The new, Full HD projector is called the Wejoy V1 Pro, and as well as the touch interaction capabilities of the older Wejoy Y2 and Wejoy Mini, it also comes with sealed optics to ensure long-term picture clarity and viewing in any conditions.

According to the Chinese company, the sealed optical design provides benefits such as low-power consumption, better heat dissipation, a longer bulb life and higher brightness uniformity. This is because it’s more difficult for dust and dirt to enter the machine, making the bulb less likely to degrade. In addition, the light source is more concentrated, the company explained.

The Wejoy V1 Pro offers a native 1080p resolution only, but the company has baked in 4K UHD decoding capabilities to provide a “movie theatre-level experience at home”, with an LED light source that’s said to be capable of running for at least 50,000 hours.

Essential functions such as auto keystone correction and picture resizing are onboard to make the setup a simpler experience, and there’s autofocus to keep the picture sharp. Onboard sensors can also detect a projection screen and automatically resize the image to make it fit, the company said. Of course, it can also project images onto any wall. In addition, the touch interaction capabilities mean that the Wejoy V1 Pro can track a stylus, meaning it can be used for presentations, with users able to “draw” on the wall or screen. In this regard, Wejoy claims ultra-fast response times in milliseconds.

Wejoy said the projector runs the Android 11 platform but it doesn’t come with its own Wi-Fi capabilities, which is disappointing. That said, it’s possible to connect a streaming stick to the projector via its HDMI port to access streaming, with the adjacent USB Type-A slot being used to power that device. Other connectivity options include USB-C, plus Bluetooth 5.0 and there are Dolby speakers onboard, too.


Portability was a consideration for Wejoy too, and the device is fairly compact with its 9.5 x 13.5 x 17 cm dimensions, weighing just over a kilogram. There’s a built-in battery for outdoor viewing, and a handle for carrying it around, perhaps at a camping site.

Wejoy has listed the V1 Pro on Kickstarter, where pledges start at a low price of just $169, though limited packages remain. After the first 100 backers, the regular price will be $199, meaning it’s still very affordable. The company has already met its original fundraising goal and expects to start shipping the V1 Pro in April.