Wejoy is launching a touchscreen projector on Kickstarter

Mike Wheatley

China's Wejoy has created a touch-sensitive projector that allows users to interact with the images it throws up, using an elongated, stylus-like stick.


Currently listed on Kickstarter, where it has already raised over $21,000, well ahead of its $5,095 goal, the Wejoy mini projector is an update to the company's original Y2 interactive projector that was launched last year.

The main selling point is that, in addition to just lounging on the sofa and enjoying the visuals this projector provides, users can aso get up off their arses and interact with the images it projects onto the screen or wall. The company claims that it can transform any surface into a touch screen, just like a giant iPad. So you can use it to play touch-enabled games or display power-point presentations where you can draw or write atop of the content to highlight something. Users will, however, need to be careful of casting shadows when interacting with the images.

Unlike the original Y2, which tracks users fingers and hands, the Wejoy is said to be a bit smarter, with its proprietary "TouchCal" software focusing on the position of the supplied, battery-powered stylus, to ensure better accuracy.

Apart from the interactive bit, the Wejoy looks to be a fairly capable projector. It has an LED light source that's capable of beaming 1080p visuals at up to 130-inches on any wall or screen, with a throw ratio of 1.25:1. The device can also decode 4K content, the company promises.

It's not the brightest of devices though. Wejoy said it puts out around 600 nits brightness, which means open windows are really a no-no. However, as the ambient light is reduced the image quality should improve. Other details include a 1,500:1 contrast ratio, four-point keystone correction, electronic focus and HDMI and USB connectivity options. It also features dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth, along with support for wireless screen casting.


The projector is packed inside a compact, aluminium alloy body and powered by an Amlogic T972 microchip that offers 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage space. What's more, Wejoy promises it is quiet, with no noisy fan used to keep the device cool. Also, Wejoy insists that it has a fully sealed optical engine that ensures no dust will ever get inside to ruin the optics.

The device is powered by the older Android TV 9 operating system. Despite its age, Android 9 still provides access to apps like Netflix and Google Play Games. On the audio side, the unit comes with dual 5 watt speakers built in, plus a headphone jack for private listening. The unit is somewhat portable thanks to its 182 x 134.6 x 187.9 mm dimensions, though there is no internal battery, meaning you'll be reliant on finding a power outlet every time you need to use it. There's also a wireless remote control, in addition to a companion app that enables pairing with a smartphone.

To get your hands on the Wejoy, you'll need to pledge HKD 3,128 (around £330), which represents a discount of 43% on the retail price. Assuming everything goes to plan, Wejoy said it expects to ship the projectors by November.