ViewSonic's X2-4K gaming projector is 'Designed by Xbox'

Mike Wheatley

ViewSonic’s new X2-4K Certified Gaming Projector is said to be “made for Xbox” and has Microsoft’s seal of approval. It’s designed to be paired with the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, but it lacks those all-important HDMI 2.1 features.


It does however carry a “Designed by Xbox” stamp that’s normally reserved for partner accessories such as headsets and remote controllers. The ViewSonic X2-4K is designed primarily for gaming, and the company claims it worked closely with Microsoft’s Xbox team to test over 60 different gaming scenarios to ensure its high performance.

But if you were expecting a dedicated gaming projector with full support for the most advanced features, you may be a tad disappointed to learn about the lack of HDMI 2.1 ports. Instead, the ViewSonic X2-4K comes with older HDMI 2.0 ports, meaning it can only output 4K at 60Hz, or 1440p at 120Hz. So it doesn’t support one of the best features of the Xbox, which is 4K at 120Hz gaming.

That said, ViewSonic claims that the X2-4K is able to intelligently adapt its picture settings on a per-game basis, with “Xbox-exclusive resolution and refresh rate combinations”. It also says it has an ultra-fast 4.2 milliseconds input, plus the option to simulate a 240Hz refresh rate in the advanced settings, albeit only at 1080p.


The other specifications seem decent enough, with a decent brightness output of 2,900 lumens, a maximum image size of 120-inches, and a lifespan exceeding 60,000 hours. HDR and HLG high dynamic range formats are also supported, and the built-in Harman Kardon speakers produce high quality, theatre-like sound, the company claims. The ViewSonic X2-4K is easy to set up, the company adds, thanks to its keystone correction, auto keystone and four-corned adjustment features.

All told, the X2-4K looks to be a decent offering for those who require a massive image for gaming, so long as 4K at 120Hz is not a key requirement. Whether or not that will be enough to entice gamers remains to be seen, especially as the price tag of $1,600 (£1,250) makes it more expensive than certain gaming models offered by the likes of Epson and BenQ. For now, the ViewSonic X2-4K is billed as being exclusive to the U.S. market, so it’s not clear if it will ever be sold in Europe.