ViewSonic debuts the compact M10 projector for high-quality, big-screen viewing

Mike Wheatley

ViewSonic’s latest portable projector comes with a triple laser light source that delivers richer colours, high quality HD visuals with support for HDR and HLG, and sound based on Harman Kardon’s audio technology.


The new ViewSonic M10 is a compact and portable projector that offers a larger and more flexible screen size, designed to fit into people’s varied lifestyles, the company explained.

"To offer users greater flexibility in shaping their audiovisual spaces, we designed a compact model with advanced RGB laser technology,” said Dean Tsai, General Manager of the Projector & LED Display Business Unit at ViewSonic. “The M10's launch redefines the portable projector market, showcasing our unwavering commitment to innovation and product excellence."

Instead of using a single blue laser light source that shines through a colour wheel like most laser projectors do, the ViewSonic M10 provides richer colours through its use of individual red, green and blue lasers that can merge into a single light source. This allows it to cover up to 100% of the BT.2020 colour gamut, the company said, surpassing the requirements of cinema-grade displays that adhere to the DCI-P3 industry standard. In this way, it is able to achieve “more vibrant and lifelike colours”, the company said.

The ViewSonic M10 is impressively bright too, rated at 2,200 lumens of brightness, which should ensure it can be clearly seen even when the lights are switched on. That said, a darkened room will always ensure a better, more vibrant image. The company said it can produce a Full HD image at a maximum of 180 diagonal inches, though that would require placing the projector 4.5 metres away from the display surface. Still, users will be able to plonk it down just 2.6 metres away to enjoy a big, 100-inch image.

Onboard the ViewSonic M10 is a time-of-flight sensing capability that helps to enable autofocus in just seconds, while its auto horizontal and vertical keystone correction features ensure that the image is set to appear perfectly, no matter how wonky the projector’s placement. Although this model doesn’t have a smart TV platform onboard, it does support WiFi to enable content to be cast from a smartphone or tablet. Users can also plug in a streaming dongle or box via the HDMI and USB ports to find more content.


The audio system is based on a 7-watt Harman Kardon Cube speaker that’s built-into the device, and users also have the option to listen through wireless headphones over Bluetooth 4.2. In addition, the projector itself can also act as a portable Bluetooth speaker for other devices.

ViewSonic has ensured that it is very portable indeed, packing these impressive specifications and features into a compact 7.95 x 6.5 x 3.6 inch frame. However, not everyone will consider it to be a truly portable device, as it doesn’t come with its own battery. As such, users will always require a nearby power outlet to make use of it.

For convenience, the ViewSonic M10 ships with a Bluetooth remote control with backlights that automatically switch on whenever it is lifted. The company says the M10 will be available to buy “soon”, but it is yet to say how much the device will cost when it arrives.